moderated Re: renaming file doesn't notify if initial posting didn't #bug

Glenn Glazer

On 10/23/2021 13:47, Andy wrote:
I want to suggest (but not proven) that this behavior is random, and might not be related to whether or not the initial upload had a notification.

For the last week or two I have been working on writing up a similar problem.  I have seen a number of file uploads, updates, and deletions that do not send the Moderators any notification.  MY suspicion is that there are 'holes' in what the servers do, and integrity is not being maintained by the servers.  It is troubling.  Your case might be just one example of this.

My expectation agrees with yours, Glenn.  My suspicion is that the cause might be random, not related to the initial upload; but that would be an interesting thing to investigate too (if only I had a lot more time).  Whatever is going on, I can confirm that a number of file actions did not send a notice to Moderators.  I even had a case where I received a moderator notice that a file was deleted, but no moderator notice that it had been uploaded.


It may be that my sample size isn't large enough to see the randomness, we do some, but not a ton of uploading, and we may just have hit the randomness when there were other plausible factors involved.


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