moderated Re: Change in address during group creation results in prior address used in welcome message #bug

Michael Pavan


On Oct 22, 2021, at 1:16 PM, Mark Fletcher <> wrote:
When a group is created, a welcome message for the group is also created. When the group name is changed, we don't update the welcome message, because it might have been changed.
Or the Owner only wanted to change the Group name.
I think this is the more likely situation,
in either case it's better to receive the 'old' message with the new Group name, than with the 'old' Group name and be directed to the 'old' now non-existent Group.

I'm open to changing the behavior so that if the group name is changed, that we also redo the welcome message with the new name/email. Thoughts?
Yes, please do.
Keep messages consistent with the name of the Group that they come from.

Also please refer to Group by its URL (not posting address),
so that when one clicks on it, they go to the Group's Home page, instead of having a message form opened by their Email Client addressed to post to the Group.


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