moderated Re: Account Merge (and possibly Edit) Problem #bug



I don't know anything about how merging accounts works.  But it seems to me that some of the things you seem to be surprised about, are normal or ought to be normal.

If this person was already a group member (as I think he was), then it makes sense that the Pending membership would disappear.  He is already a member before, and he is still a member.

It makes sense to me that nothing would appear in the group's Activity Log, because his account and the group are separate entities.  Merging a user's account does not merge the group.

I would think that merging two accounts should not depend on what groups that person might or might not belong to, or is waiting to become a member of.  That shouldn't have prevented the merge from happening.  (That's kind of like saying that two people can't get married if one of them has applied for membership in a local club.  One should not affect the other.)  I would guess that needs to ascertain that both accounts are owned by the same person before a merge can proceed.


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