moderated Re: Web/App notifications mean emails are not necessary #misc

Andy Wedge

Hi Christos,

On Tue, Oct 19, 2021 at 08:44 AM, Christos Psarras wrote:
How about this: The Member Notifications' Messages dropdown is currently implicit in its usage, it doesn't say it but it implies one gets the emails too.  So make it explicit and have it work the same as the Mod Notifications,
your suggestion covers the receipt of notifications and how that is achieved but there is a distinction between the notification about a message and the message itself.  My point is that if a notification is received and the message itself is read via the app (effectively reading it online), then receiving an email with the same message text may be considered superfluous.

Currently only sends you a notification about a message when it also sends you the message text by email (either in a digest, individual or special notice - you do not get notifications if you get a Daily Summary because that does not contain the text of messages).  Adding any kind of email option in the notifications list would create the situation where you would get an email to say that a message has been posted and then an email with the message itself.

I use Outlook on my PC and Nine as my mail client on my phone and these already create push notifications when I receive an email. So, choosing an email option from your suggested list would mean I would get two push notifications for each message from, one for the notification email and another for the actual message - not user friendly at all.


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