moderated Re: Web/App notifications mean emails are not necessary #misc


On Fri, Oct 1, 2021 at 12:14 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
I've been thinking about this as well and want to fix it. But I haven't figured out how to tweak the subscription settings to allow for a setting where you get notifications for individual messages but no emails. Do you have any thoughts on that?

How about this: The Member Notifications' Messages dropdown is currently implicit in its usage, it doesn't say it but it implies one gets the emails too.  So make it explicit and have it work the same as the Mod Notifications, something like this:

The current value (and default) of "Web/App Notifications" becomes "Email and Web/App notifications", db updated, no downstream code changes, and the current value of "None" becomes "Email only", db updated, no code changes, so totally transparent to existing users.  App users who don't want the email can now go and select the new "Web/App notifications only" option, and are now able to get individual message notifications with no actual emails, and code is only needed for this combo and wouldn't be much.  Very minimal sub settings page visual changes, & minimal help manual changes. Everyone's happy.

Changing the help blurb from "Whether to be notified of new messages" to "Where to get emails and notifications of new messages" or something similar would help make it pretty obvious.


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