moderated Re: Hashtag duration conflict - who wins? #misc


I'm finally getting around to trying to understand what you're looking for here:

On Wed, Oct 13, 2021 at 09:53 AM, Tom Vail wrote:
Okay, here is my issue.  I have a number of posts which have a valid timeframe of less than a year, but within that same hashtag there are some which are permeant.  I would like to have 2 hashtags:  #hashtag1 has a duration of 1 year, and #hashtag2 has a duration of forever.  That way folks posting under hashtag 1 will be deleted, but if also include hashtag 2 they will not be deleted.

Ok, here is a suggestion. You don't have enough hashtags. Keep your #hashtag1 and #hashtag2 but don't assign any set duration to them. Create a third hashtag, #hashtag3, that;s used just to set the duration of a year, and apply it only to the subset of topics marked with the first two tags that you want to expire in a year. Would that work?


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