moderated Notify all Owners (and Moderators with the Billing privilege) when Billing Cycle Up #suggestion

Bruce Bowman

Mark -- Please check my understanding on the following topic that recently came up in GMF:

-- A group can have only one Payor
-- That Payor (and he alone) is notified when a group's billing cycle is up.
-- The group's co-Owners are notified only if the Payor's account has been deleted. (The key point here).
-- A Moderator with the Billing privilege is never notified at all, unless he happens to be the current Payor.


What if a Payor has died? Will his heirs know to log in and delete his account? No...his account remains active; so all notifications and warnings continue to be sent there. Ultimately, the group gets silently downgraded. 

Unless there's a fine point that I'm missing (or hasn't been adequately documented), it seems appropriate to send the warning messages to more people than just the current Payor when a billing cycle runs into a glitch. 

Thanks for your consideration,

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