moderated Re: Merge subject retention problem and/or Broken threading problem #bug


>>> I just stopped merging whenever possible.

Yeah, I didn't have a choice in this case, because when I initially split the topic (which works fine), there were some later messages carried over to the new off-topic thread that had to be moved back to the old topic as they belonged there, so I had to then play that back-n-forth split & merge game to corral the messages back to their correct pens ... the joys of having an unmoderated group with no subject discipline and a worn-out flogging stick.

What would make something like this a lot easier would be to be able to multi-select individual messages within a topic and either do a Split-into-new-topic or Merge/Move-into-existing-topic, maybe something like the /topics-test page.  (#sneakysuggestion)



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