moderated Re: Allow manual sending of Monthly Reminder as a "notice type" in send member message #suggestion


On Wed, Oct 13, 2021 at 04:36 AM, Duane wrote:
that can be selected from the list.
Well, they don't show up in the selections I see when I try to do Send Message. Maybe the issue is that, just as with Monthly Reminders, there can be more than one of them, so the system would have to present them by name rather than by type, and as of now, notices in Send Message are presented by type? So neither Monthly Reminders or Message to Members are showing up in Send Message? That would have to change to allow them be sent as a pre-fabbed message, i.e., they would have to be selected by name rather than by type. I think it's very worth doing. In fact, how, really, is the Message to Member type of any use at all if you can't choose it in Send Message?

Am I missing something crucial here? I don't see either one showing up.

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