moderated 14-day expired pending member does not generate a log entry #suggestion #bug


I'm not quite sure if this is a bug/omission, or it's by design, in which case I'd suggest to add something about it to the activity log.

I had someone in a group apply over 14 days ago.  They weren't claimed, and they never answered the pending notice requests (unrelated to the recent spammers BTW), all the time in between still showing NC.  Yesterday or today, not sure (pun intended) they were unceremoniously gone as expected.  But there is no log entry that says so, all there is in the log is the applied entry and the two entries for my pending notice sending.

Don't you think there should be a log entry indicating the member was auto-rejected due to time limit expiration or whatever the reason would be, so the "case circle" would be closed?  Right now, unless if someone knows what happened, they are left wondering especially if they have a free group with no past members list capability.  In a premium group one can see that person listed as a past member, but the reason stated is "removed"***, kind of implying an admin removed them, but when they click on that reason link to get the log entries, there is no indication in there why they were removed or by whom.  To an untrained/not as knowledgeable mod this "lack of closure" can look a bit confusing.

*** that reason also seems to me to not be quite the right one, I think it should be rejected.


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