moderated Re: Non-members becoming Past members? #misc


On 2021-10-07 20:47, Andy via wrote:
I think there were changes to this policy, weren't there?  The most recently banned members are NOT on the Past Members list.

I honestly have no idea if something was changed or not, I have not had to use the ban functionality before and I only did a couple of tests with a single test user yesterday, but I did notice one strange thing in the banned-member filtered screen, or at least it looked strange to me.  You can (as expected) select someone and from Actions select "unban" or "send message".  But there's also a "remove" option, see below, I don't know what that is supposed to do, I didn't try it when I did my test yesterday.  I mean, unbanning someone removes them from the list, so what's the purpose of the "remove" option, what does it do?  It's not documented in the owner manual in the "Unbanning a member" section.  Could it be you accidentally selected that for some folk and it may have something to do with what you're (or not) seeing?  I have no clue.


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