moderated Re: Button Label Clarification for web site reply #suggestion

Andy Wedge

On Fri, Oct 8, 2021 at 08:14 AM, J_Catlady wrote:
I also think Send to Member works great with Send to Group in the other case.
As I've said, I was quite happy with how it was. I never found it confusing and I've not had any comments from any of my members about that either.

I think the root cause of this issue is that the initial reply option makes no distinction, like in many email clients, between 'Reply' and 'Reply All', It's only after the initial 'Reply' has been selected that we then get to the point of deciding how many people we are replying to.

So, instead of having just the options Reply, Like and More under a message, why not have  'Reply to Group', 'Reply to Sender', Like and More.  The little arrow symbol next to the word Reply could be duplicated for ' Reply to Group' and left as a single arrow for ' Reply to Sender'. Alternatively, the single arrow could be supplemented with a group head & shoulders icon for ' Reply to Group' or a single person head & shoulders icon  for 'Reply to Sender'.

This would a) make the approach of starting a reply more consistent with email clients b) remove the need for the Private button and c) enable a single 'Send' button to used below the message composition window (more consistency with email clients).  The 'BCC Me' check box option should still only be displayed for 'Reply to Sender' responses.


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