moderated Re: Button Label Clarification for web site reply #suggestion

Andy Wedge

On Wed, Oct 6, 2021 at 09:30 PM, Mike Hanauer wrote:
If the second button were changed from "Reply to Group" to "Send Reply to Group" or at least Send something, that would be clearer.
I generally don't like lots of text on buttons so I wouldn't be a fan of adding extra words anyway. Adding extra text just takes up screen space and that could make the mobile site and recently released app less visually appealing. If a simple icon can be found to show the function then the words are far less important and it also makes more accessible to those who do not speak/read English (and foreign language support has been requested many times).  I'm sure many of us know the meaning of these icons from the MS Office suite without the need for words at all  .


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