moderated Re: Trying to add member notice with existing type and name fails to issue warning, does nothing, navigates poorly #bug


I love the fact that I can use multiple welcome messages. And I don't give a whit what order they're sent out in. But the documentation needs to be changed. And i'd like to know the purpose of multiples in any case except the welcome. Why have, or even allow, multiple "removed" or "banned" or "good-bye" messages? I also think they should be required to have different names. Otherwise they're impossible to tell apart in the list.

On Wed, Oct 6, 2021 at 5:38 PM Christos Psarras <christos@...> wrote:
>>> You can have multiple active welcome messages.

TIL, I didn't know that either.  I thought one would be enough, but I guess I can see how having multiple ones could be useful if one wanted let's say to segregate the single welcome message to multiple ones, one per area/functionality/etc, for example have one that gave info on the message-posting rules, another for the Files, another for Wiki, etc, so this way one didn't have a very long single welcome message go out.

The question then becomes, in what order are these sent out, and can that order be controlled or influenced by the admin?  And I guess the same question goes for the rest of the notice types as well, if multiples for those are also allowed.



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