moderated Moderator permissions and documentation inconsistencies #bug

Andy Wedge

Hi Mark,

when setting permissions for a moderator in a subgroup, the documentation states that the Invite Members option is not shown.  This is correct but what is shown is an Add Members option and when this is set, a Moderator of a subgroup actually sees both Add and Invite options.

The ability to invite members to join a subgroup and have them automatically added to the main group was part of the Site Updates announcement on 09-Feb-19 in #19741.  There were several comments at the time in the topic Invite people to subgroups with concerns about this (me included - and also in #19765)  so I'll take this as another opportunity to request that the Add and Invite permissions for a subgroup Moderator are separated so that just the Add from the main group membership list can be granted.


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