moderated Re: Editing Photos has less capability than editing Files #bug

Chris Jones

On Mon, Oct 4, 2021 at 04:02 PM, Andy wrote:
Even if I could master the timing between mouse clicks and response of the popup menu (30 seconds later),
Odd; when I try the response is as near instantaneous as it can be. IMHO your 30 second delay requires further investigation.

the list is not in any apparent order.  They are definitely not alphabetical.
No they aren't, and I am not sure what the display order actually is.

  Searching through thousands of members in an unsorted list is, um, pointless.

Yes it would be, but... if you know the first letter of the wanted member's Display Name operating that key repeatedly will scroll through all those with that as the initial letter of their Display Name, ignoring all those with a different initial letter.

Still a bit tedious, but better than having to go through the entire list.

Some care is required; AFAIK there is no "back" function so if you overshoot the person you are looking for you have to start all over again. (There is no need to ask me how I know this...)


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