moderated Re: Editing Photos has less capability than editing Files #bug


On Mon, Oct 4, 2021 at 10:46 AM, Chris Jones wrote:
To me this prompts the question what device are you using and how is it connected to the internet? Also perhaps how long is your member list?

I am using a laptop with Windows with a wireless connection to a router 10 feet away.  I often get throughput speeds (not connection speeds, but movement of actual data) of 60-140 Mb/s, as much as 200 Mb/s on a good day.

It is quite a long member list.

It's pretty much useless to try to choose someone from the member list.  Even if I could master the timing between mouse clicks and response of the popup menu (30 seconds later), the list is not in any apparent order.  They are definitely not alphabetical.  Searching through thousands of members in an unsorted list is, um, pointless.


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