moderated "Override: not moderated" does not work when using moderated hashtags #bug


My restricted group is set to "Messages that start new topics are moderated".
I have set all my moderators' posting priviliges to "Override: not moderated" (in the Members' List their accounts are shown with a P = Posting alway allowed).
We have a set of mandatory hashtags, two of which (for off-topics and job offers) are moderated.

Now, if my moderators or I start a new topic, according to our posting privilege, our message is not moderated and we can freely post.
However, if we send a message with one of the moderated hashtags, our message is moderated/treated as pending message and we have to approve it.

So, apparently, Posting is not always allowed and the "Override: Not moderated" privilege does not override moderated hashtags.

Thank you for your help.

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