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On Fri, Sep 24, 2021 at 08:10 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
For a first message in new topic moderated group, if a message comes in that is a reply to an existing topic but the subject has been changed, creating a new topic, we were not properly moderating the message.

This is working now, but - this is most and just a matter of curiosity  - I am still utterly confused about what happened and what was changed!  The message with the changed title did (even before the bug fix, whatever it was) require approval. The weirdnesses were (a) the  log stated the message required approval because the topic was moderated, but (b) the new (changed-title) topic was *not* actually moderated (bore no moderation icon). Which is weirder yet, because Christos apparently reported a legitimate bug that changed-title topics from moderated topics were moderated when they should not have been (now fixed), but in my case, the changed-title topic was NOT actually moderated! Maybe this is just a very weird series of double-negatives, or bugs cancelling each other out, or something. It's all fine now but I am extremely curious what happened....

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