moderated Re: Icon display consistency issue when setting a topic to both locked and moderated #bug


>>> The argument for having both is that mods can post to locked topics. That seems a weak (and accidental) argument.

No, that wasn't the argument, after all mods can always post to locked topics regardless. 

The argument was that the icon display is (visually) acting inconsistently compared to the other icons' display.

Now if you want to argue that my POV was from a mod perspective, I guess it has merit ... I mean one can say that they moderated a topic for whatever reason, then decided to lock it, but because the icon doesn't display they miss that it's also moderated so when they email-send in a reply later-on to tell folks the topic is now locked, they are left wondering what happened, and they have to go and visit online to figure things out and eventually do a facepalm... :)


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