moderated Re: What does "Banned Domains" actually mean or do? #misc


I think I have convinced myself that "Banned Domains" does nothing.

I have banned a few domains that send only spam.  When I check the Activity Log for "Message rejected from banned domain", there is nothing in the log.  And we continue to see messages sent to the group from those domains.

Hence, my conclusion.

I guess you should remove the non-working "Banned Domains" feature from  Either that, or make it do something.

(I should say that these spam messages themselves don't really concern me.  They are not group members so the messages don't reach us.  They just clutter up our Activity Log.  Given the fact that we can ban a domain, I'd like to think that the feature actually does something.  We can ban individual email addresses too, and I know that works because we can see its effect in the log; but not with domains.)


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