moderated Re: Icon display consistency issue when setting a topic to both locked and moderated #bug


Speaking as a user (not moderator), I want to present the argument that the icons are useless anyway.

If I hover my mouse over one, what do I see?  Nothing.  I wait.  I hear crickets.  I move on.

If the user interface forces me to find a user-manual that I probably didn't know existed, then read through pages and pages of it, just to figure out what the icon means, then clearly it is not something the managers wanted me to know, and I'm not going to bother.  Therefore, those icons are just meaningless decoration to clutter our screens.

There.  I've said it.  My point is, the icons will not mean anything to all but 0.1% of the people using

Now if you gave it mouse-over text so that the ordinary group user could maybe decipher them, or a pop-up if you click on them, then I might think otherwise.  But maybe that was the point -- to make them meaningless to all members other than Moderators.


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