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On 10 November 2014 07:39, J. Faulkner <jfaulkner44@...> wrote:
I ask this because members on a lot of the groups that I belong to feel that Neo is sort of a copy of Google Groups/Facebook.  That’s the big complaint on the groups now, ‘what was wrong with the old Yahoo Groups’ that it had to be changed to look like the other social media. 

​Dear Judy,

"What was wrong with the old Yahoo Groups?" - well, even those totally devoted to the old UI must concede that the old Yahoo Groups was so full of patched and buggy heritage code that it needed rewriting. It's a pity that Melissa's lot went about the way they did, instead of a consultative phase that listened to people and incorporated the better features​ of the old groups and other groups such as Google Groups and FB, together with the introduction of new killer features that perhaps people didn't realise they wanted.

I personally am very encouraged by the approach that Mark is taking toward Groups IO. He's clearly got the expertise to create a sympathetic alternative to Yahoo but is using a lot of time that could otherwise be spent coding in listening and replying to people like us who have suffered under Yahoo. I wish him every success in the creation of a group server that can be easily sold even to those most resistant to change.



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