moderated Re: Calendar Reminders #bug

Andy Wedge

On Tue, Sep 21, 2021 at 04:14 AM, Michael Pavan wrote:
The MO 2021-09-20 11am "Message Approval require" notice was sent, but a Moderator approved it (before I got to it) thinking it would be sent, rather than posted to the Messages archive and not sent to members (as there is no verbiage in the notice saying what 'Approval' means.
I'm sensing confusion on your Moderators part. Approval of a message is surely simple and it means that the message is posted to the message archive at least. As an owner, you can set the no-email option on a hashtag to stop a message being emailed out and members can opt how to receive messages (or not) by their subscription settings and/or muting hashtags.

-Put in a simple toggle to "Allow / not Allow" all Hashtags or 2 toggles: one for automated 'system' hashtags and another for manual 'human-added' hashtags. Or at least spell out what the consequences of Approval, or Rejection by email is in the "Message Approval require" notices
Is this a suggestion or a bug?


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