moderated Calendar Reminders #bug

Michael Pavan

There is no "OFF SWITCH" for Hashtags, so my WORK AROUND is these settings (below) and then to edit the Hashtags (and excess verbiage) out of each Reminder before Approving.
Admin > Settings: Message Policies:
- Hashtags Required is unchecked
- Hashtag Permissions is Messages from members can only be tagged with existing hashtags, otherwise the message is bounced
and for each and every hashtag (listed below):
Admin > Hashtags: #cal-reminder: Edit Tag: Hashtags:
- No Email (Messages with this tag will not be emailed to the group) is checked
- Moderated (Messages with this hashtag will be moderated.) is checked
- Locked (Topics created with this hashtag will be locked immediately.) is checked
- Reply To is Reply to Moderators
- Use by Mods Only (Only moderators can tag topics with this hashtag.) is checked
- Replies by Mods Only (Only moderators can reply to topics tagged with this hashtag.) is checked

I have a monthly Event set up for 3rd Tuesdays 7pm Eastern Time (America/New York) on our Group Calendar
with Reminders set for 5 days and 32 hours before.
For the TU 2021-09-21 7pm EDT (UTC-4 America/New York) event:
- No TH 2021-09-16 7pm "Message Approval require" notice was sent, nor did the Reminder occur.
- The MO 2021-09-20 11am "Message Approval require" notice was sent, but a Moderator approved it (before I got to it) thinking it would be sent, rather than posted to the Messages archive and not sent to members (as there is no verbiage in the notice saying what 'Approval' means.
This is different from the behavior of Calendar notices in previous months.

- Check why "Message Approval require" notices are not sent out
-Put in a simple toggle to "Allow / not Allow" all Hashtags
or 2 toggles: one for automated 'system' hashtags and another for manual 'human-added' hashtags.
Or at least spell out what the consequences of Approval, or Rejection by email is in the "Message Approval require" notices.

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