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I just tried to send a bug report message to this group, and insert (not attach) a screenshot of the error, and I got the exact same error my group member got. It's been difficult and confusing to report here, because I was trying to insert a screenshot OF THE ORIGINAL ERROR (which involved the "improved draft saving" and error "there was an error saving the draft," multiple times), but when I tried to insert those screenshots, I got the OTHER error regarding insertion of the screenshot. So the insertion error message was appearing BELOW the draft-saving error message. This is real. I'll try it again and next time, will try to attach (not insert) the screenshot.

Meanwhile, the "improved draft saving" error message bug is still there, at least in the non-test-version. Can we get an update on whether and when that is fixed in the currently running (non-test) version? Otherwise I don't know whether to continue to report the bugs.

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