moderated Re: Count mod-edited approval as an approved message #suggestion


Checking the Activity Log, ...

  • Yesterday, a co-mod approved a message "via email", and the log does not show that his posting status changed.  I had to change the posting status later (and approve two new messages sent by the same member).

  • 3 days ago, the same co-mod approved a message "via email", and the log shows two results, for both changing the posting status and approving the message.

Same moderator.  Same method of approval (via email).  Different days. handled them differently.

I think it's a random bug.

Since both were approved by email, there was no chance that the moderator clicked the wrong button.

Here are a few other differences (just in case it isn't random):  One sender's domain was, other sender's domain was  One message was a reply, other message started a new thread.  Should either of these matter?  Both messages needing approval had been posted via the web.


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