moderated Re: Evaluating turning on DMARC #update


- don't modify signed headers (Subject, for example)
- don't modify the message body (e.g. don't append " Links")

That's all it takes.

Understood. But that is a very big "all".

It would largely defeat the "group" concept, turning into a mere mail reflector.
> The only concern that comes to mind is that this could be another step down
> a path that leads to rewriting all From headers. I'd really rather not see
> that outcome.

Setting a DMARC record for won't impact these messages anyway.

Which messages are you referring to?

A DMARC record for will definitely apply to messages that have had their From rewritten into the domain. It wouldn't impact those that have not been rewritten (such as yours and mine), but that was the point I was making.


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