moderated Re: Bouncing Status Anomaly #bug

Chris Jones

On Mon, Sep 13, 2021 at 01:16 AM, Shal Farley wrote:
The mechanism that sets the Bouncing status can have lots of leeway in it, depending on the response code from the receiving service and frequency of occurrence.
(My underlining)

And that is the only difference that I have been able to detect between flagged and unflagged "bouncers". The reasons for the bounces differs little or not at all between the two groups.

However, with Special Notices members not being flagged because the "specials" are not frequent enough to trigger the process they are able to increase in number without group moderators being aware of it; as I stated earlier this could result (over a period of time) in a group where numbers are limited by a paywall being unable to admit new members because their membership numbers are being artificially inflated by bouncers of whom the group moderators are unaware short of a tedious trawl through those on Special notices only.

OK; the group I co - own is a legacy basic so the paywall problem does not arise; at the same time if I wanted to try and weed out bouncing specials I would have to trawl through > 800 members individual record pages in order to try to identify them. Having found any I would not be able to send any bounce probes because officially they aren't actually bouncing.

My original concern remains...


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