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On 9 November 2014 18:36, Frances <travel@...> wrote:
Love the term "read" instead of "like". Or would it be too twee to have "thanks for sharing"?

Frances -
I like "Thanks for sharing" - it covers everything from "Appalling" to "Fantastic". It also implies a degree of appreciation of the post, whether that post is disturbing or heartwarming. But I think that there is a good case for an automatic "Read by XX members" count - in addition to the "Thanks".
Just don't add "Have a nice day".

The person who will be most interested in these counts and plaudits is the originator. So, IMHO, the originator (only) should be presented by a subscript or notification which says "Read by 325" and "Thanked by 2". On the website the latter should have FB-style pull-down with names.

Which brings me to wonder - is the main thrust of Groups IO towards satisfying the email reader, or the webview reader? To me Yahoo is the former, FB is the latter. Or will Groups IO have feet in both camps?

Shal -

I understand and sympathise totally with your instinctive "yuck" reaction to the "likes" - and the like. But I've observed people on my expat group spilling over to FB because a) they feel obliged to write correct English and b) because when they do post and there is no reply, they assume it's because no-one has read the words they have laboured over, or no-one "likes" them.

Three individuals come to mind:
1) Well-built "earth mother" housewife - lovely, generous person with a warm heart, intelligent but of limited education - is totally mortified if any unfeeling grammar Nazi criticises her prose.. She likes FB because she can restrict herself to monosyllabic comments and the posting of photographs of her lovely family.
2) Graduate of the London School of Economics - excellent photographer - but he's dyslexic and stumbles into some horrendous solecisms - he too can restrict himself to short comments and the posting of photos.
3) 85-year old factory manager and engineer - downloads group emails and spends his evenings writing beautifully-crafted, lengthy and helpful prose off-line. He thinks FB is the work of the devil and refuses to have any truck with it.

Needless to say, the first two hardly posted on Yahoo and I missed them, but when I added FB as an alternative they became quite prolific.

You're only a Cretaceous dinosaur - us Triassics really know how to be prejudiced!


PS Grammar Nazis please note that I've used English, rather than American-English spellings and usage. Much to the dismay of the Gmail smell chucker!


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