moderated File list defaults #suggestion


Can you add user-settings for the default File list order?

That is, when displaying a list of Files (in a group's Files section), currently the default list order is alphabetically by filename.  Could we (users) choose a different default order?  (In the user's Account Preferences.)

I think these choices would be useful:
  • Filename order -- currently this is the only default
  • Increasing Date order, newest at bottom
  • Decreasing Date order, newest at top
perhaps with an additional choice (a checkbox?) to group Folders and Files separately (e.g., list all Folders first).  Again, what I'm asking for, is a way to specify these as our default list order, so that I don't need to click "Date" every time.

This has long bothered me.  I often go to Files several times daily, and I need to click on the Date header every single time, every single folder I look in; and if I make any changes there, I need to do it again, and again.  Now, members in my group asked for it too, so I want to make it an official request.


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