moderated Large-size Photos (& possibly Files) export issue #bug


Hi Mark,

I'm having an issue with exporting the Photos section from one group, AMD (1.34 GB / 271 albums / 2,822 photos).  In two other groups I got the Photos and Files exports created fine, size examples for those are (171 MB / 46 albums / 310 photos), (426 MB / 95 albums / 972 photos), (751 MB / 98 folders / 355 files).

On AMD I never get the link to the photos zipfile, which I take it to mean the zipfile creation fails somehow.  Even if the notice says 10 minutes max, I waited for a couple of hours knowing that's a lot of data, and I retried it then just in case, same thing, never gets generated or the link message never gets sent.

Duane tried a photo export with a larger value of 334 albums and 3980 files but with only 76 MB total size though because of resizing, so at first look it seems the total size is the issue (source or resultant zipfile).  Or maybe it's some S3 timing issue with generating large zipfiles.

Since I got a 751 MB Files export fine, I didn't want to manually inflate a Files section of a group to over 1 GB for testing this for a Files export but I suspect the same problem would probably happen there as well.


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