moderated Re: Improved draft saving #update

Donald Hellen

J_Catlady . . .

On Sun, 29 Aug 2021 12:55:01 -0700, "J_Catlady"
<> wrote:

And, the bug is still there today. I will stop reporting this, but I was startled to see it again this morning so thought I would update. It happened because - again - I had gone out of the draft to check on something.
While this isn't a solution or fix to that problem, when I want to go
somewhere else on the web site a tab is open, I right-click on the tab
and click "duplicate" to have two identical tabs. Then I use one of
them to navigate to where I need to look then click on the other
duplicated tab to go back to where I was. There would be no changes to
the original web page I was on when duplicating the tab in the

I don't know what would happen if you duplicated the tab then tried to
do two different things on the same page in the different tabs but I
wouldn't even think of trying that anyway.

Maybe this work-around would be useful for others. I use it on many


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