moderated Search function in Photos doesn't indicate album names #suggestion


Hi Mark,

If one searches for something in Files that may also return folder names alongside files, there is a folder icon indicator which easily tells you if that item is a folder.

In Photos however, search works differently.  If one wants to find all the albums who match a search term, what's returned are thumbnails of the matching album contents (photos), not placeholder "album thumbnails" (plus any actual photos which match the search term).  Now the returned photo thumbnails do have their filename clickable so one can click it and go to that album screen, but the issue is one doesn't know which album the photo belongs to or which album they are going to, since the album name is not listed anywhere on the thumbnails.  Plus to the uninitiated it may look strange that the term they searched for doesn't appear anywhere in the thumbnails' filename text.

This makes it a bit of a pain if one is searching for a subset of the album names, either for browsing or especially maintenance such as to remove invalid characters from the album name; I tried the search way initially but just ended up going through the whole album list page by page, easier that way.

You had indicated in an old post ( that you may look into some sort of collapsing the results per album, which would be useful, but would require some code work.  My suggestion is to add the album name under the thumbnail's clickable photo filename (or over or thereabouts), as that should be (hopefully) very little work, and should help tell to the user which album they are going to, or which album this photo belongs to, plus also give the indication the album name matched the search term.


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