moderated Re: Fix name of “Edit Subject” drop down in topics list #suggestion


Further improvement: since the options "moderated, locked, sticky," and the "reply to" field are duplicated in the menu that CONTAINS the "edit subject" or "topic properties" menus, respectively (the first within the dropdown, the second within the More menu), these are duplicates. It might make sense to get rid of those duplications in those subservient menus, leaving ONLY editing of the subject line. If that's done, then "edit subject" would be an appropriate title for both. In other words: Either (1) call both of them "Edit Topic," OR (2) call both of them "Edit Subject" and get rid of the other options moderated, locked, sticky, and reply-to.

There is also an actual bug: from either access point (Topic Properties in More or Edit Subject in the dropdown), the topic is not marked as "moderated" if the moderation is due to a hashtag set to "moderate topic."

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