moderated Re: moderation icon doesn't show up on individual messages in a topic moderated via a hashtag #bug


... The problem is that one is misnamed. Easy fix.

Until someone comes along and says, "Hey, how come I can't edit the subject line anymore?"


It is a problem of perception, and the problem is you can't make everyone happy.  Now that you know that editing the subject lets you also add tags and also change other properties, you know that, so you're all set.

And what about the moderator who wants to add hashtags, and doesn't know that hashtags are not only a topic property but done by editing the subject?  I guess the menu choice could list every option, but that's a pain.

At some point one has to assume some level of skill or acquired knowledge, which in this case means owners/moderators.  At some point, you need the Owners Manual.


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