moderated Re: moderation icon doesn't show up on individual messages in a topic moderated via a hashtag #bug


One might even wonder why someone would use "Edit Subject" to add a Hashtag to a topic.  Can't you just add a Hashtag?

Of course we know that Hashtags are part of the subject line, which in turn is a property of the topic.

I think the point I'm making is that there is one menu for editing topic properties.  That menu happens to include editing the subject line, which in turn happens to include Hashtags.

If there were separate menus before, for editing parts of the topic properties, I don't recall having seen them.  To me, I think there was only one menu.  Whether you select "Topic Properties" or "Edit Subject" or maybe something else, those are just entry points into the same menu.  You said this was a new feature, but I think it isn't.  Are you asking that the Topic Properties menu should be split up into separate menus?


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