moderated Re: moderation icon doesn't show up on individual messages in a topic moderated via a hashtag #bug


Something has changed, and I'm not sure whether this happened very recently and/or in response to this thread: As of now (not sure when this started), when you add a hashtag to an existing topic, there are options to moderate, lock, make sticky, and set "reply to" on the topic, regardless of whatever attributes the tag already had. In other words, simply selecting "add tag" after selecting "edit topic" also brings up these options. I don't understand why this is happening but I've tested and reproduced it. My objections to this new feature(?) are (1) the user is not asking for anything but adding a hashtag - why are these other options on the thread coming up at the same time? and worse, (2) it's not clear whether the options are to be applied to the topic or to the tag itself. It is confusing.

That said, a moderated tag, when added to a topic, now causes the topic to show the moderation icon. That's the good news.

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