moderated Re: Use bounce tracking on private replies #suggestion



Private replies sent via the web interface could conceivably be
logged; ...
Correct, that is the scenario I tested.

and yet, I wonder if creating a discrepancy of this sort -- based only
on how the message was sent -- could become a source of future
I believe that the utility of having this information vastly outweighs any possible confusion over why it is unavailable for private replies by email.

Easy enough to explain that any delivery failure when replying privately by email will be reported to you by your email service's postmaster (often called the "mailer daemon").

I could be mistaken, but I was under the impression that all bounces
are logged.
Sadly, no.

I believe all message posts are tracked for bounces, but not all notices or other things are. For example, email notices forwarded to mods and owners in response to a message to the +owner address are not bounce tracked, and I think those too should be.


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