moderated Re: Can no longer ban inactive accounts #update


I'm pretty sure this one was directed at me.
Mark, I feel it would be helpful to understand why make this change?  Apparently there was something bad about what I did.  Maybe it messes things up for the servers, or it conflicts with your vision and you don't want it to happen.
For me, it's uncomfortable when someone we banned disappears from our list of Banned Members.  Once banned, I feel they ought to stay on the list, unless someone consciously un-bans them.  I get it that you banned them too and that it effectively overrides our group-specific ban, but it doesn't feel right knowing that they are not banned from our group anymore.
And then, we have the new situation where a banned member modified his settings in our group after being banned.  He should not have been able to do that if he was still on our Banned Members list.
For me, on the moderator end of things, this makes me want to be doubly sure banned members stay on our list of Banned Members.  Once off that list, I feel like we lose control over whether or not they stay banned.  Though I'd like to trust that your list is permanent, I don't know this, so I feel like I want to see their name back on my list of Banned Members.
I guess I'm just wondering why it's necessary to make this change.  Not trying to convince you otherwise, and not expressing anger.  Just puzzled.

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