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Today when I checked on activity in my group I saw a new message. Two of them, actually.

xxx@yyy was banned from

Two of my members have been rather unceremoniously removed from my group. This has never happened before. They don't even show up on the list of past members (I pay $20 a month for premium features).

Does anyone know anything about this? I understand you can do anything you want to with the web site, Mark. But frankly, I'm annoyed. It seems to me that if these people have done something wrong I should have been involved in any decision to kick them out of my group. I'm pretty sure one of these people caught a computer virus yesterday, or maybe the day before. I had to deal with some spam she sent (inadvertently) just yesterday. The other person who was kicked out hasn't posted anything since December, 2020. Why would an inactive member get kicked out? I suppose that maybe he had joined more than one group, and did a no-no somewhere else on

Why did this happen?  What can I do about it? Can I get some sort of explanation about why these people were banned from I vet the members of my rgroup pretty carefully. All of them are, or once were,  unpaid volunteers in the TaxAide program run by the AARP Foundation. In other words, they're solid and sensible senior citizens. I can't imagine why wants to ban them.
David Bryant
Canyon Lake, Texas

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