moderated Re: Banned member is still a member?? #bug


On Fri, Aug 13, 2021 at 11:11 PM, Andy wrote:
I have several Past Members with "Banned" in the Past Members list.

I think that if you Ban someone and then, later, Un-ban them, the "Banned" entry is replaced by the "Un-banned" entry.
I checked again this morning and there is some kind of weirdness here. In general, "banned" does not show up in my Past Members list. Only "unbanned," even if the member was banned subsequently. The member I mentioned last night, on whom I was running my test by repeatedly banning and unbanning, has about five "unbanned" entries in the Past Members list and zero "Banned" entries. In my entire Past Members list, although many of those members were banned, only one shows a "Banned" entry in the Past Members list. So I'm not sure whether to categorize this as a separate bug or just another weirdness, but I would describe it this way:

Banned members do not get "Banned" entries in the Past Members list. They do get an "Unbanned" entry every time they are unbanned, but "Banned" does not show up even if the last action on them was to ban them. (There is at least one exception - since I do find, among hundreds of past members in the list, one "Banned" entry. But I'm not sure what the exception is.)

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