moderated Re: Banned member is still a member?? #bug


... But all I see in the Past Members list for her are the "unbanned" actions. There's only one "banned" in my entire Past Members list. So are you sure it's not that the member was banned by

I have several Past Members with "Banned" in the Past Members list.

I think that if you Ban someone and then, later, Un-ban them, the "Banned" entry is replaced by the "Un-banned" entry.  I have one address that I experimented with, and that's what it has.  So in that single respect, it looks like does a little clean-up in the Past Members list and it is not just a list of prior actions.

If I remember right, when members were banned by, their address disappears totally from the Past Members list.  As if they never existed.  But their record remains in the Activity Log, so they were not 100% wiped clean.


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