moderated Re: Banned member is still a member?? #bug


On Fri, Aug 13, 2021 at 09:48 PM, Andy wrote:
the Past Members list -- now he is listed TWICE! 
I can't explain the rest of it, but I can explain this part. The Past Members list, I recall mentioning here long ago, is really a list of actions, not of members. Each time a member is removed or leaves, their email address is added to the list again. (They can be removed or leave more than once; example: they leave, then resubscribe; or they're removed, then added again; etc. Each action goes into the list, as if it's the member.) The list, I recall suggesting here, should be renamed to reflect that it is a list of "leaving" or "removal" actions, not members. The banned list does not behave this way. I can't remember whether it used to or not. I'll mull over the rest of these oddities. :)

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