moderated Re: Banned member is still a member?? #bug


re: "I’m assuming their address appears in the banned members and past members lists (the latter if you have a premium group), and not in the members list? Just checking. If not, then you might try banning the address again."

That's the funny thing, that I was also going to mention.  And it appears to be changing even as we speak!

A few hours ago when I discovered that he unsubbed himself, I looked in:

  • the Banned Members list -- not listed there anymore!  (*)
  • the Past Members list -- he is there!

But now it gets even weirder.  When I check it again NOW, it shows:

  • the Banned Members list -- still not there.
  • the Past Members list -- now he is listed TWICE!  "Banned" on Aug. 12, and "Left" on Aug. 13.  Same exact address.

(*)  It does not entirely surprise me when someone I've banned disappears from the Banned Members list.  Every time that Mark bans someone from after I banned them from my group, their address disappears from my group's Banned Members list.  I have come to expect that, and I can trace what happened in the Activity Log.

But in this case, the Activity Log shows that nothing happened involving his email address between being banned, and the banned member unsubscribing himself.


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