moderated Re: Log rejected messages #suggestion


Maybe there could be a separate message archive for messages and notices that don't go to the group: rejected messages from group members, rejection notifications, rejected messages from non-group members (I think this one might be better as a group option), invite messages, etc. I would not include spam messages or any other messages rejected by the system (too large, etc.). I have not thought out the details of this, but in keeping with Andy's concerns about bogging down the activity log, a separate message archive for these kinds of things might make sense. As in the regular message archive, each one would be a link that could be clicked on to see the full content.

It would be great to connect these content links to the corresponding activity log entry. So the log entry would read: "xyz rejected message abc [link to rejected message] with reason pqr [link to rejection notice]." Or "xyz sent message abc [link to message] to member pqr." Same with invites and any other content too large to include in the actual activity log. (I still would not include spam messages or any messages bouncing because of size.)

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