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On Thu, Aug 12, 2021 at 06:35 AM, Bruce Bowman wrote:
seems like a slippery slope,
I understand that concern and was expecting that comment. I thought about it myself. We don't, for example, log deleted messages. I do think that rejected messages are especially important to be able to see and be able to keep track of. It's true that i can know how many of an individual member's messages were rejected, and I can now see the actual rejection notices (which is a big improvement). But I can't actually see the problematic content, and sometimes, there's no rejection notice sent.

Obviously you would record spam, non-member messages (to owners OR to the group), and messages from banned members (which fall into that same category). Essentially you are arguing that rejected messages from bona fide members are on a par (or on a slippery slope) with non-member messages - that includes all of the categories you mentioned: spam, non-member messages to group, non-member messages to owner, and messages from banned members.
I think that rejected messages - the only category aside from your mentioned ones that consists ot messages *from bona fide froup members* - are categorically different.

If, say, I find myself rejected yet one more message from a member who I'm beginning to feel is problematic, and I'm beginning to wonder whether that member should be warned or removed, I would like to be able to assess that feeling more accurately. Currently, it is very cumbersome to do so.

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