moderated Re: Returning bug: below messages, banned members' names/profiles are viewable, past (not banned) members' profiles are not viewalbe #bug #misc


Before everyone jumps in to respond, I've narrowed the problem down to search results after searching the message list. It's not the message list in general. I'm working on testing all the cases and will report back: member viewing vs mod viewing, past vs banned, message list vs search results, and top of message vs display name at the bottom. This will take me a little while, but before anyone else jumps in to say they're not seeing it, that's right if you're just looking at the message list before doing a search on it. Will report back later. Meanwhile I think you will see what I mean if you do a search on the message list.

And Bruce, I totally agree that this info should not be visible in either case - past or banned.

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