moderated Returning bug: below messages, banned members' names/profiles are viewable, past (not banned) members' profiles are not viewalbe #bug #misc


This came up awhile ago and my impression was that at one point it had been fixed, but now it's back:

Below the message of a member who has left or been removed, i.e., a past (but not banned) member, the display name is invisible and replaced with elipses. But when that same member is banned, the display name (and clickable profile, if it exists) comes back, and it, and the profile, are completely viewable again (and with the incorrect "joined" date equal to the date and time the member was banned, i.e., added to the banned list). Unban the member and it goes away again; ban the member again and it comes back.

This seems like the reverse of how it should be.

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