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On Fri, Aug 6, 2021 at 10:11 AM Ann Wild via <> wrote:

I don't think the problem is fixed.  I just ran into this: We cannot get edits to a message to hold.  For example, when I just tried to fix a sender's last name in a message, the correction would not hold.  Her full name, in fact, had been deleted from the message that was sent in.  Yesterday, a name that was added did not come through when posted.

Thanks for this example, I was able to go in, duplicate the problem and fix it. Sorry about that.

  One time this morning we got the option after saving the edits to "Approve and Unrmoderate Senders."  Although Shai says we should have seen that all along, we have never seen it before.  We are fully moderated; the group is set up that way.  We moderate from the website.  Please help so we can resume posting.

This logic hasn't changed.


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